Animals on the Farm

Our animals are our coworkers

At Blackbird Creek Farm we utilize each animals’ God-given abilities to help us in this journey of restoring the land.

Our egg layers, for instance, not only lay beautiful eggs for us and our share members to consume. Each week they are moved to fresh ground where they can scratch, peck, eat worms and bugs and take a dust bath. This fertilizes the land with their “deposits” while helping to mow the field. While we are preparing new ground for more garden plots, we utilize their natural talents to clear each area by scratching and eating the weeds.

We currently have 3 guard geese on the farm, (Buddy, Abigail and Amelia) they not only alert us that someone has entered the premises, they protect our other animals from unwanted intruders.

Ducks, while they are super cute to watch, also help out with eating slugs and other bugs that would otherwise destroy a crop of vegetables. Their eggs are also quite tasty and make some of the best crème brulee.

A great amount of attention has been given to honeybees over the past decade. And rightfully so. So many of the foods we consume, some estimate around 66%, are dependent on these pollinators to reproduce. And the same conservation efforts that led to us allowing and creating habitat for our honeybees has also helped our native pollinators. We have seen so many our native bees benefit from these practices as well. And truly that is what this method of farming does. Enhances the native ecosystem while still providing food for the community.